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          Peggy Parr Pottery   

Leaf Platters and Trays
Leaf tray with shimmery verdigris glaze.  Small foot lifts piece 1/2" off the table.    12" x 7" x 2-1/2"                
These large leaf platters are stunning recreations of nature's designs.  Large.Approx. 18" x 16" x 41/2"     Medium Approx. 16" x 15" x 4" -Small  14" x 12" x 3"                                                                     
Small grape leaf trays - handy for so many things from serving a cheese or a bottle of wine , spoonrest, earrings or paperclip tray...  Measures approx 6-8"    
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Oval tray with leaf design  12" x 7"